The easiest way to troubleshoot the unit is to press the RESET button on the side of the sender unit and observe what the status light does. (Don't hold it down for longer than 3 seconds).

- No status light = battery / power issue

- Steady blue for 5-10 seconds = connected

- Blinking dark blue = in setup mode. Use the app to reconnect to WiFi.

- Blinks green briefly, then red = WiFi connection issue

If the device is offline, it is not possible to diagnose the issue remotely.

- Ensure the device is powered ON, and in sleep mode (no status light flashing)

- Press and hold the RESET button for around 5 seconds, then release

- The status LED should now start flashing dark blue. This is the WiFi Setup mode. The unit will sleep after 2 mins - press RESET once to wake if required.

- In the app, click on “EDIT NETWORK SETTINGS” on your Tank Settings page (for the selected sensor.

- Follow the instructions in the app

By default, the sensor will send an updated level reading every 12 hours (2 per day). This can be adjusted in the mobile app under Tank Settings / Publishing Frequency.
Having more readings per day will increase the accuracy of your daily water usage calculations, but will reduce battery life.

The TankMate unit maintains a connection with your WiFi network to be able to upload data - there is no direct link to your phone.

Any phone or web browser can log in and see the tank data, provided you are using the same TankMate login details.

You do not need to create a second account to monitor the sensor on a second phone.

Setting Up Your TankMate

You may not have allowed the app to use location services, which are used to find local networks.

1) Go to your general phone settings / apps / permissions and ensure that the TankMate app has permissions enabled to use location services. 

2) Check that your phone has location service turned on - under your general phone settings.

1) Ensure the TankMate is in WiFi Setup mode (blinking blue) before sending the WiFi credentials. This mode will time out after 2 minutes.

2) Check that the network you are connecting to is broadcasting on 2.4GHz

3) Make sure your phone is connected to the same network
See further details on router settings below.

Some routers do not allow the 5GHz to be disabled. In this case, you can eliminate the interference of the 5GHz network by doing either of the following:
1) Take the TankMate unit further away from the modem, until you only see one bar of signal on your phone. Connect the unit using the app.

2) Use the Bluetooth setup option. Follow the instructions in the app to put the unit in this mode (hold RESET for 10 seconds)


Very little. The battery life of our v2 WiFi units is approximately 2-3 years (with Energizer Ultimate Lithium).

It is recommended to clean the sensor probe annually, by rinsing out any silt that has built up from the tank floor. (Touching the sensor diaphragm inside the end cap should be avoided.)

For TankMate v2 WiFi sensors:

- 3 x AA Energizer Ultimate Lithium - recommended (2-3 year battery life with 2 readings per day)

- 3 x AA alkaline (12 months)

- Li-SoCL2 battery (2-3 years): ER26500 + HCL1520 originally supplied

- Steady LIGHT BLUE (5-10 seconds): Connected

- Blinking RED (30 seconds): Connection error. Check your WiFi network.

- Blinks DARK BLUE (2 mins): WiFi setup mode

- Blinks PURPLE (2 mins): Bluetooth setup mode

In both of the last two modes, the unit is waiting to be reconnected to a network. Follow the prompts in the app / tank settings / edit network settings

Yes. The sensor will wake and take a reading every hour. If the level has dropped below the threshold set (under device settings in the app), an abnormal usage alert will be sent via the app.
Slow leaks are harder to detect. The best way to do this is to set the unit to update hourly, and then compare the level readings after a sustained period of inactivity, e.g. 12 midnight to 6am (or longer if possible).

Slight variations in level readings can be expected. While the sensor readings are extremely stable, a small variation in reading height can have a big effect on the volume calculations in litres.

E.g. a 1mm change in reading height on a 25,000L tank represents approximately 10L. Which is only 0.04% of the tank volume!

Send us a message and we will gladly help work out a suitable value to input into the app.

In future app versions we are planning to offer more setup options for tank dimensions.

Sensor Installation